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About us

Finsteam is a company with a fascinating journey that began in 2008 in Jakobstad, Finland. It was here that the first steps were taken. The very first sauna oven manufactured by Finsteam was certified to meet the current safety requirements.

As the sauna market developed and new regulations and safety requirements were introduced, Finsteam never stood still. The company invested in continuous research and development to stay at the forefront of industry innovation. It was this commitment to quality and safety that led to the development of Finsteam 2.0, the current sauna oven model.

This new model, which has its origins in the changed regulations and the high demands on safety and performance, is a real masterpiece in the sauna industry. It has recently received an EU certificate. This certificate is not only a symbol of quality and compliance with European standards; it is also a sign that Finsteam is ready to expand its operations and offer its products throughout Europe.

But Finteam's progress does not end there. The sauna unit, which they have developed, is also patented. This means that their technology and design are unique and protected.

The manufacturing of their devices takes place in both Finland and Sweden, guaranteeing high quality products made with precision and expertise.

But Finsteam is not satisfied with just improving saunas. The company has also taken further steps in offering the sauna experience by developing a new model of sauna tent. This innovation is sure to please those who love saunas and outdoor experiences.

In conclusion, Finsteam is a story of persistence, innovation and a strong passion for the sauna. From their humble beginnings in Jakobstad, they have grown to become a noticeable player in the sauna industry with an EU-certified sauna oven and exciting new products on the horizon. Their journey is an inspiring reminder that with commitment and will you can achieve great success and shape industries.