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For those who care for the environment

The Finsteam gas sauna heater is an outstanding combination of quality and innovation. Using LPG as fuel, it offers an efficient and simple experience for all sauna lovers. It is designed with care and attention to detail, with a patent-pending technology that makes it safe to use.

The sauna unit is corrosion-free and therefore long-lived.


Long series of tests completed

The new Finsteam 2.0 is really exciting and promising! This ground-breaking product has undergone an extensive…

EU certificate

Holding an EU certificate for our sauna heater is a real milestone and opens up a…

The FinSteam gas sauna heater

Tested and approved
Enviroment friendly
Easy to use

Close to a nice bath with tent sauna


The pop-up tent is made of polyester material. The bottom cloth is made of dark green polyester and is attached with velcro, making it easy to remove if desired. The door opens with the help of a zipper over the joint between two side walls.